ArtJam is a new and vibrant brand of clothing, founded by two young European – based designers. The collections have been inspired by street styles of London, Moscow and Milan. It’s luxury wear at competitive prices. Designed with the modern woman in mind, it boasts optimum comfort without compromising femininity. It’s high quality fashion for any occasion. We aim to use the most innovative technology and produce pieces using top quality modern textiles, which require virtually no ironing!

Art jam me – it’s like “cover me with an artistic (fashionable in our case) jam please”.

The main concept is to create womenswear which can be worn with flat shoes or even stylish trainers during the day, and with high heels in the evening, designed to look stunning either way.

Pieces can be selected from our collection and adjusted to any dimensions for the perfect fit, to flatter any figure. Collections offer a unique blend of contemporary and classical design, made with the modern customer in mind.

Now, shop for ART JAM Collections at KATANA BOUTIQUE resort store JURMALA!

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