In a picturesque location just thirty minutes from Bologna, situated around the old fortress “Gardi”, lies a small town. For many years, handmade shoe production workshop runs in this town. Beauty and elegance of its products contrasts with the pristine and beautiful nature of the area. Inside the workshop, sixteen qualified professionals creating exclusive models of shoes day by day.

All of the materials for shoes are carefully selected among producers involved in leather manufacturing and processing. Traditions of leather manufacturing industry have merged

with modern technology and as the outcome, some of the previously used harsh chemicals were replaced by much softer substances of a natural origin. As a result of careful processing and dyeing performed by old family recipes (the leather gets more than twenty coats of color), leather becomes of almost flawless quality.

Before starting to work on a new pair of shoes, modelers are developing precise patterns, transformed from a three-dimensional model, created by designers. Usually, the model

gets adjusted several more times, until it reaches the ideal and desired result. Each pair of shoes bears the warmth of at least fifty pairs of skilled craftsman’s hands. Each product is in harmony with very incongruous things – origins and traditions of the craft and the elegance of mega polis.

Long before expert accepts the order and takes measurements, the best Italian masters are already working on your pair of shoes. Specialists carefully select the necessary materials and supervise the entire process of choosing the upper leather for your shoes: whether it would be the crocodile, ostrich, stingray or any other exotic material, to the sole, which is performed from a much more solid grade leather. In our professional’s hands these fine materials turn into masterpieces of the shoe art. In these shoes, which bare the warmth of skilled hands and are made especially for you, you will certainly feel your individuality and originality.

Del Gardi 1


Studio Katana RFW 2


We participated in Riga Fashion week in S/S 2013 with our STUDIO KATANA collection for F/W 2013/14 and we wanted to collaborate with a unique shoe brand. We chose Del Gardi for prefect match to our vision or perfection and uniqueness of those shoes. In the fitting I was giving these pairs of total fabulousness to the models to try them on and just fell in love in each pair after pair after pair. I needed them all for myself. I bought three or four pairs and I needed more. Because that are are stylish and match the personality, willthose be boots or stilettos. They all have that edgy look.


I was more than overwhelmed to start selling them at KATANA BOUTIQUE concept stores in 2015 and now offer them together with stylist selected outfits or separately to our beloved stylish clients. The unique fact is that You can custom order this footwear in any custom color. It is more than a fashion minded person would ever wish for. In online store soon!

XOXO Ieva Katana.




Photos: Arkady Gluhih &

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