Ieva Katana is founder of KATANA Image & Style company. As a fashion designer and wardrobe stylist with over 10 years of professional experience, doing lots of commercials and editorials for fashion magazines, developed her own theory of successful image building. Since 2010 opened a designer fashion Show-Room Store STUDIO KATANA, representing new designers and fresh brands. Studio offers make – up and image consultations and personal shopping  with professional stylists and MUA. Katana boutique and Boutique is a place for selected Designer pieces for  fashion lovers.

“I don’t believe in always changing fashion, but I believe in developing a very good taste and sense of style. I believe that the stylist must be a very good translator of fashion to adopt it to every persons image and body language individually. We know how to create a confident looks that reaches for everything You ever wanted to achieve.” - Ieva Katana
“We believe that fashion and style should be our only weapon.”     -  Studio Katana
Stylist  Ieva Katana
Stylist, MUA Lauma Pelse